Painting to sell: the importance of interior and exterior painting

We all know how great the outside of a ‘tired’ home can look with a fresh coat of paint. Exterior painting protects your home from the elements, updates the look and increases the ‘curb appeal’ of your home.

Likewise, interior painting does wonders for stained and dingy walls. Changing the color adds depth and texture. Lightening the color creates airiness and brightness. Darkening the color creates mood and drama. Fresh paint increases the ‘hearth appeal’ of your home.

A painting update, both in and out, also increases the overall ‘wow’ factor of your home. Suddenly, it’s eye-catching and well cared for. Potential homebuyers can visualize themselves in your home. It amps up your online presence and creates a ‘buzz’ in the real estate office—real estate agents can’t wait to bring buyers to your home.

That’s why, for over 35 years, Design To The Nines has been providing interior and exterior painting services. We restore your home to its former glory…or make it look even better than it did before.

Our painters are some of the most knowledgeable in the business

Hiring us to paint your home saves you time and money in the long run. This is because:

  • We do the math. We calculate the entire area to be painted, allowing for dormers, alcoves, multiple coats, porosity of walls, etc., along with leaving a little extra for future touch-ups.
  • We select The Perfect Paint. Tiny paint chip samples? Yeah, we hate those, too. So we help you select your colors from more than that. We also know the best sheen to use to disguise wall imperfections, high traffic areas and the like. We don’t guess.
  • We do great prep work. Good news! We are Neat Freaks. Everyone knows someone with a horror story of treasured furniture or expensive landscaping ruined by paint. We promise you won’t be one of them.
  • We offer gutter-cleaning services. We aim to be your ‘one-stop-shopping’ service for selling your home, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we offer this service, too. And we’re good at it! Please note: you don’t have to be selling your home to take advantage of this handy service. Just sayin’.

Make painting your home a snap

Whatever your situation—whether you’re selling your home or plan on living in it for a long time to come—don’t wait to paint.

We work on projects, both big and small. Our list of clients includes Harvard University, Phillips Academy, many historical homes in Cambridge, and numerous private homes throughout the greater Boston and North Shore areas.

You can learn more about our services, our home staging pricing, or send us an email. One of our designers or painters will help get your questions answered, or you can schedule a consultation. A consultation gives us an understanding of your ideas, your needs and your painting budget. Give us a call today.