Frequently Asked Questions about home staging

“I am dedicated to making sure your home looks as beautiful as possible. The emotional response from my clients after we complete the home staging process is amazing. This is one of the perks of my job—seeing the joy on my clients’ faces when they arrive home and step into their renewed space. Honestly, it brings me so much joy. It’s why I do what I do.”

We are happy to work with large or small homes—we believe that everyone deserves beauty in their lives—and that every seller deserves to get the entire value from their home when they go to sell.”

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Diane DiSanto, President
Design To The Nines

What is home staging?

Professional home staging is a service we provide that benefits both buyer and seller by reducing the clutter accumulated by many homeowners over time, immediately improving the ‘hearth appeal’ of your home to potential buyers.

By temporarily removing your possessions and bringing in furnishings and accessories from our inventory warehouse, we provide your home with an updated and tastefully decorated look, making it shine and look its absolute best! The benefits can be immediate, bringing the right buyers to your home much more quickly and easily than if you were to try to stage your home yourself. It’s hassle-free because we do it for you. Design To The Nines is your ‘home-selling expert.’ We’re on your side and will do what it takes to help you sell your home quickly.

Why stage my home?

Your home will sell faster, with fewer headaches and less stress. We have proved this time and time again.

Most homeowners have difficulty viewing their home and their possessions objectively, especially from a buyer’s point of view. Design To The Nines has that expertise to look at your home objectively, with a professional eye towards what needs to be improved. We put together a plan that will work for you—one that fits your budget and your expectations and allows you to sell your home for more. This is why hiring us for home staging puts more money in your pocket in the long run, often creating a buzz in real estate offices, which translates into buyers clamoring to see your home.

Can home staging truly help sell my home?

Absolutely! A survey by the National Association of Realtors showed that the longer a home stays on the market, the further below list price it drops. Don’t let this happen to you! Home staging can decrease the time to a sale.

Will home staging increase the value of my home?

Except in rare instances, yes. Again, this means more money in your pocket, with less hassle. And what seller doesn’t want that?

How much more will my house be worth after you are done staging?

The statistics from show that most homes sell between 5% and 17% more.

How much time do you need to provide home staging services?

This varies with seasonal demands and the size of your home, but we can complete most projects within 1 to 3 days of our delivery of staging.

We pride ourselves in finishing within the time frame set for your home staging project, with few exceptions. Be sure to call us today to schedule an appointment to get your home staging project on our calendar!

How much time in advance do you need for staging my home before I can put it on the market?

This again depends upon the size of your home and the number of rooms you would like to stage, but a safe bet is to call us two to three weeks before you would like to list your home to schedule an appointment. This allows us time to have an initial consultation to see what your needs are, to answer all your questions, and to get a consultation scheduled for you.

What do you charge for your services?

Check out our Home Staging Pricing page to give you some preliminary information on pricing. If you have more questions, just give us a call at 978-473-9441.

What is included in your home staging services?

We have many options that will inspire you, fit your budget and, most importantly, get your home sold. Our Home Staging Pricing page gives comprehensive information about these services.

Do you provide other services besides home staging?

Yes, we provide many other services that homeowners need in order to sell their home quickly, hassle-free and for the best price. Along with home staging, our other services include painting, renovations and flipping houses. You will get detailed information on how we can help with the services you’ll need for your home or commercial space. Or simply give us a call—we’d be happy to answer your questions.

If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about our services or how our home staging pricing works, contact us to schedule a consultation today. Choose the hassle-free approach. Choose Design To The Nines today.