Select Home Staging Pricing that best suits your needs


$250 for up to 1 ½ hour consultation with seller and/or seller’s broker.


  • Room-to-room strategy for the best way to present each room
  • Design plan suggestion, using what you already have
  • Suggestions for specific colors, and/or
  • Suggestions for pieces to rent or purchase

You decide when and if you wish to move forward and which home staging pricing package is right for you. Our furniture storage warehouse can support the staging of six houses at one time. This means we are able to schedule and begin your home staging project when you are ready to start the process of selling your home.

Pricing Packages

Re-Design & Home Staging:

Designed for an entry-level budget and/or those homes that don’t require much staging.

We work with your existing furnishings by changing the configuration, while eliminating some pieces and adding others. Examples of additions may be tried and true anchor pieces, or simply one of our accent pieces or two.


  • 1 ½ hour consultation
  • Follow-up visit to home to implement plan and move furniture around

Call for pricing; based upon the square footage of your home. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and give you a price.

Re-Design & Home Staging (Rooms-To-Go):

Designed for homeowners who need one or many entire rooms staged. Perfect for redecorating one room, student rentals, leases, and similar.

We replace worn furniture with pieces from our furniture storage warehouse, which we rent to you at an agreed upon price. Or you may just need replacement furniture for one room only. You choose. Either way, you get our professional opinion and advice. This service alone can make a significant impact on how a home shows.

Call for pricing; based on the square footage of the room for re-design or Rooms-To-Go. We will be happy to discuss the extra pieces you would like to rent from us and give you a price.

    Whole Home Staging:

    Designed for homeowners with a vacant home or a new construction home.

    Whole House Staging is a ‘worry-free’ pricing package that includes everything you could possibly need for your whole house. This means we take all the worry (and the stress!) of furnishing an entire home off your shoulders…and put it onto ours. It’s what we do.


    • Furnishing all rooms of your home
    • Adding lighting, wall art, accent pieces, rugs where needed, window treatments where needed, bedding and decorative pillows, accent pieces for kitchen, and towels for bathrooms
    • Set-up, delivery, pick up and re-stocking

    Call for pricing; prices tailored to your individual needs, depending upon number of rooms and total square footage of your home. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and give you a price.

    You can learn more about our services or contact us to get your pricing package and other questions answered. If you have more extensive questions, we are happy to schedule a consultation in your home as a solution to getting those questions answered.