Why does home staging work?

It’s the unusual homeowner who is able to sell their home themselves, especially early in the game. As easily as a buyer can come to look at your home, he or she can just as easily walk away, never to return.

Right from the start, home staging stops your buyers from walking away by providing a professional décor design that allows the potential of the space to shine through. It adds the ‘wow’ factor that real estate agents are expecting and that buyers are looking for.

Design To The Nines has been offering home staging services and consultations since 2006. Our track record speaks for itself. Our clients are happy, and for good reason. Our experience keeps realtors using our services for their clients, and we are a trusted source for homeowners looking to make a sale on their own or with a realtor, more quickly and easily than if they’d tried it on their own.

How to get started (Simply schedule a consultation!)

Simply call to speak with one of our designers and get your questions answered. You can also start your home staging process by scheduling a 1 1/2-hour consultation in your home for as little as $250.

A consultation with one of our professionals who knows the market will save you thousands of dollars in the long run and will get your property on the right track right out of the gate. A consultation also gives us an understanding of your ideas, your needs and your budget: everything we need to help you sell your home.

Learn more about our services, our home staging pricing, or simply send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!