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Your very own ‘Chip and Joanna’…

We got into house flips and ‘fixer uppers’ long before the HGTV craze. If you’ve ever watched the show “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines, we are Chip and Joanna…minus the film crew!

We started our own “Fixer Upper” business after we married in 2002. Lou had purchased and owned a couple of multifamily homes before we met. However, the rental market was struggling as the condo market was revving up. We discovered that people preferred to purchase their own piece of real estate, rather than renting someone else’s. Condos were their answer.

I had experience in renovating and building three prior homes and had an eye for design. Lou had experience running his own successful painting company for 25 years, as well as a small furniture restoration business, bringing new purpose and new life to worn out furniture. His clients loved Lou’s workmanship.

I began helping Lou by choosing trending colors for some of his pieces, and I would go with him to Todd Farm in Rowley to find those I thought were perfect for re-purposing and selling. He drew loyal customers who always came back when they were looking for a specific item, and we’d call them when we found what they were looking for.

You benefit from our first flip

But another business was brewing! When we found that it was harder to find and keep tenants, we decided to do our first “flip” by converting apartments into lovely condos that people could afford. We found our first completely run-down five-unit apartment building by the Merrimac River in Amesbury, which became our first conversion. This flip was a huge success, and we decided to go “all in” and open up our own renovation company, which included flipping houses, interior design and home staging services.

We reconfigured our business, started our team, and began bringing new life to homes and neighborhoods. Each of the units we flipped had their own story, which eventually became our story, too.

Your home flip project: let us do the heavy lifting

We know most homeowners would probably not embark upon a home flip project. It can be daunting to think about. But for us, it’s easy to consider: we have the vision, the team and the expertise to see the project through to successful completion. To date, we have accomplished over 30 successful project flips, and we continue to renovate houses to this day. When working on the design for our house flips, Lou and I are very thoughtful about the choices we make, understanding who our buyers may be and doing our best to accommodate the needs of today’s buyer within the price point and size of each of our projects.

If you are considering purchasing a home and are looking for one that has been completely renovated, give us a call. We may be in the process of renovating a home in the area you desire.

Partner with us…

If you are considering doing your own “flip,” but aren’t sure where to start, consider partnering with Design To The Nines. Our company has the insight and the experience to help you with any size home flip project. With the right kind of help—the kind we provide—your project will be accomplished more easily, and with less hassle and worry than you thought.

See what others say about working with us, find out more about our services, and call us today at 978-473-9441. We look forward to discussing your project with you.